Quote to ponder

Hi Guys! Actually i don’t know if my title is correct or not with this post. I just want to share to all of you and let me know how you think about this quote.

It was included in the email which I received from a long time friend in 2009.

Here it goes:

“What matters most is what your heart says because in the end even
if the mind thinks something is crazy the heart still leads the way”

Happy Thursday Everyone!:)

Sad Day

This post I offer to our dear friend who passed away last August 16,2016.

It’s very difficult for us to accept you had gone without you knowing how you are special to us,to me and my auntie. You treated us same like your own family,for me as your grand daughter and my auntie as your younger sister. Even you are in your hardest time you thinking where the situation will bring us.

I can’t forget how tight you hug me after seeing me after long time, how happy you are when  you saw me driving my own car and every time you come to compound you’ve never failed to visit us and check how we are doing. 

I’ll forever cherished and take care of the gift you’ve given me for my birthday last year, you will be missed always. In our hearts,you have special part of it.

Thank You for your kindness and you are one in a million who showed us what is kindness and being human at all. 

To our dear Engineer Abdul Aziz, we know you are besides Allah now,please watch and guide us. You will always be remembered!

This is it :(

Today received the bad news that we need to transfer our things in a week. This is what I am afraid about since before, got to cram everything now. Sigh! And I got only Friday as my free day to work on it. God Bless Us! We can make it!

As Leah from OTWOL, Dyuskolord! Achieve na Achieve! Push!

Will be back in regular programming soon! 🙂